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Important: This Page is for historical reference only at this point and is vastly out of Date. Please find the current information of products originally licensed under this agreement by contacting the DoD PKI and ECA PKI Program Management Offices as directed at:


US DoD AOL/Netscape License Agreement
Updated: September 12, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What Netscape Products are available for use of the US Department of Defense (DoD)?
2. What does this Agreement mean to the US Department of Defense?
3. How can my organization be licensed for the Netscape products under this agreement?
4. Who can be covered for use of the Netscape Software under this agreement?
5. How can the DoD end user get these products?
6. What's the benefit of this license agreement to the users?
7. Does Netscape technology facilitate DII/COE compliant applications?
8. How does this address the Government's mandate for use of products validated for FIP 140-1 compliance?
9. What kind of security do these products provide?
10. Our group or organization already has licenses for some Netscape products, how does this affect the existing licenses?
11. How many users does this impact?
12. Will Netscape now replace whatever current systems are in place?
13. If someone wants to replace their current system, how do they migrate to Netscape?
14. What does this mean for the government overall?
15. What will the DoD desktop user actually be able to do with the products being provided?
16. How can we get Direct Access to Netscape Technical support?
17. What additional products that compliment the products covered by the DoD Client/Server agreement can be procured from Netscape?
18. Is there Training Available?
19. Who can support development of our Netscape Based Applications and Intranet?
20. How can I coordinate with other users of Netscape Technology in DoD?
21. How can I get info on changes to the contract and about Netscape products?
22. How will this impact the future of DoD's IT purchases and planning?
23. Is anyone in DoD now using this technology package?
24. Who can I contact at Netscape and DISA for additional information on the DoD Netscape License Agreement?

1. What Netscape Products are available for use of the US Department of Defense (DoD)?

The US Department of Defense (DoD) via Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has negotiated a license agreement for the Netscape Communicator Client and a number of the Netscape Server products for use world-wide across DoD. The Netscape Communicator is available on over Twenty (20) different platforms while the Servers run on all major Unix Systems and Windows NT. The products licensed for DoD use are as follows:

Netscape Enterprise Clients integrates email, groupware, editing, and browsing tools to let users easily communicate, share, and access information. The Clients are PKI compatible using digital certificates issued by the DoD PKI for signing, authentication and encryption.

Netscape Licensed Servers:

Netscape Enterprise Server  Enterprise Server - A high-performance, security-enhanced web server for creating, managing, and intelligently distributing information and running intranet and Internet applications.

Netscape Messaging Server: - An open standards-based client-server messaging system that provides superior administration, scalability, performance, security, and remote connectivity. 

Netscape Directory Server: - A directory server based on the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), the Internet standard for directories, Directory Services provides one location to add, manage, and delete users. It is also a central organizer and distributor for intranet user information and includes "white pages" listings and certificate status data. 

Netscape Certificate Management System (CMS) - Server software that enables DoD organizations to issue, sign, and manage public-key certificates using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for encrypted, private communication over a corporate intranet or the Internet.

Netscape Mission Control: - With Mission Control, IT professionals can customize the Netscape Clients user interface, and create customized installations of Communicator.  Organizations that have deployed theNetscape client can use Mission Control software to centrally manage client configurations through a server-side configuration file and automatically distribute new software.

Netscape Security Services (NSS) - Netscape Security Services (NSS) is a complete security infrastructure that will allow organizations to deploy a wide variety of applications that can utilize the cryptography services provided by NSS on Client and Server platforms.  Applications can be developed to utilize these services such as encryption and authentication without having to code the base level cryptography functions into the application itself.

2. What does this Agreement mean to the US Department of Defense?

Acquisition of this license supports the security and interoperability for the DoD as a whole.  The US DoD is rapidly moving all application access to a web-based approach.  Today Netscape products are the industry standard for sharing, accessing, and communicating information over the Internet and enterprise networks.

Establishing Netscape Communicator and Netscape Servers as the common internet technologies for the US Department of Defense (DoD) can  provide the most robust functionality with the most secure products available anywhere.  Using the full-featured Netscape client software for navigating the Net, messaging, collaboration and applications access and Netscape server technology for building and supporting Intranet communications and applications provide a single Internet Software suite for all DoD organizations and users.  This will result in lower training costs across DoD and assure deployment of applications and tools that run across all vendors hardware, operating systems, and databases.

NIST's validation of Netscape FIPS 140-1 standard conformance ensures that the Government users are in compliance with the mandated standard for secure software cryptography. 

3. How can my organization be licensed for the Netscape products under this agreement?

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) is the central point for managemen of these licenses.   DoD organizations should have a representative contact DISA's Enterprise Software License organization with any questions related to this license.  DISA's role is to coordinate the license deployment and software subscription related to the licensed products.

DISA's DII Software organization can be contacted via e-mail ( or phone at 703-882-1594

4. Who can be covered for use the Netscape Software under this agreement?

The licenses when assigned cover use of the specified Netscape products by any US DOD users as of September 30, 1997.  The covered users can run the licensed Netscape Products on all their client workstations (work, portable and personal/home) and will be licensed to access the Netscape servers anywhere they are deployed within the DoD environment.   DoD Contractors are not covered by this license when they are not on-site at DoD facilities or using Government Furnished Equipment (GFE).

Organizations or individuals licensed for use of Netscape Products under this agreement may not utilize those products to provide services for organizations or individuals not specifically licensed for use of those products.

5. How can the DoD end user get these products?

Netscape has provided the US DoD with a limited number of copies of media and documentation under this license agreement.  Additional copies of media can be ordered by organizations and users along with other Netscape Products and Services. (See Question 17)  Electronic Distribution is currently configured from the DoD License download site.  Redistribution sites can also be set up by licensed DoD Services and Agencies.

Download of the software and registration at the official DoD Download site (Sponsored by DISA) site requires that the user be willing to input information about the service or agency they support or represent.

The Netscape licensed software may be downloaded for full use by assigned licensees.  Groups or individuals in the DoD may also download the licensed Netscape Products from Netscape's Home page and use of these products will be governed by DoD license agreement.   Additionally, products not covered under this license can be downloaded and use will be governed by Netscape's Trial License Agreement.

Users can download the software from DoD Download site at:

6. What's the benefit of this license agreement to the users?

Support for all applicable Internet standards allows users to work seamlessly with all others across the DoD and beyond.  Deployment of this technology and employment of it's security features will result in increased information assurance within and across DoD organizations. The use of the Netscape Software in the DoD PKI increases security online and supports issuance and use of the DoD Common Access Card (CAC). Supporting DoD and Homeland Defense is a critical aspect of this license that benefits DoD and the United States of America.

7. Does Netscape technology facilitate DII/COE compliant applications?

Yes.  Netscape products address comformance with the Defense Information Infrastructure/ Common Operating Environment (DII/COE).  Netscape products are in fact included in the DII/COE.  Netscape technology is included as components at the infrastructure services level of the DII/COE.

8. How does this address the Government's mandate for use of products validated for FIPS 140-1 compliance?

There is currently a Government-wide mandate for exclusive use of products validated for FIPS 140-1 conformance.  This means that Government organizations that will use software products utilizing any form of software cryptography in protecting "sensitive but unclassified information" must use products that are  validated by NIST .  Netscape products are currently the ONLY internet products that are FIPS 140-1 validated.

NIST's validation of Netscape FIPS 140-1 standard conformance ensures that the Government users can run products in compliance with the mandated standard for secure software cryptography. FORTEZZA Versions of the products allow a higher degree of assurance using the DoD approved Fortezza hardware standard for authentication and encryption.

9. What kind of security do these products provide?

Integrating security within its overall product infrastructure, Netscape is widely recognized as a leader in the development of security-enabled products. With the help of independent consultants and outside contributors, Netscape invented the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) transport protocol, which is moving toward ratification as an IETF standard.

In support of this security strategy, Netscape's products, such as Communicator, and Servers are built on open, multiplatform standards, including SSL transport security, S/MIME-enabled email, object signing for enhanced software safety, security customization through the Netscape ONE development environment, Netscape's Security API, and certificates (digital drivers' licenses). The Netscape Administration Kit provides IS managers with the ability to customize Navigator settings and security preferences before distributing the software to their user communities. This allows DoD IS managers to enhance security and effectively manage their enterprises.

Netscape's products are available in versions that work with the FORTEZZA Crypto Card to invoke cryptographic services including data confidentiality, user authentication and data integrity using the DoD approved standard for higher security requirements. Support for FORTEZZA has been added to the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) open protocol allowing use of Fortezza in authentication and data encryption.  Netscape Communicator Professional Edition with Fortezza is available and can be configured by downloading Communicator Pro and applying the FORTEZZA upgrade file.

10. Our DoD organization already has licenses for some Netscape products, how does this affect these existing licenses?

 In many cases DoD organizations have already licensed some or all of the Netscape technology themselves.  There will basically be two cases;

    a) A DoD organization already has licenses for Netscape Products covered by the Client/Server Agreement

    b) A DOD organization currently has licenses for Netscape products that are NOT covered by the Client/Server Agreement 11. How many users does this impact?

Current estimates of the number of users in DoD that are covered by this license exceed Two (2) Million.

12. Will Netscape now replace whatever current systems are in place?

Clearly the numerous DoD organizations will proceed to implement specific technologies at their own pace.  Some DoD organizations will start immediately to migrate, others will develop more detailed conversion plans and switch to the Netscape products more slowly.

There is currently a Government-wide mandate for exclusive use of products validated for FIPS 140-1 conformance.  This means that all Web Servers and Clients that are expected to utilize any form of software cryptography in protecting "sensitive but unclassified information" must run only products validated by NIST for conformance to the standard.  Currently, Netscape products are currently the ONLY internet products that are FIPS 140-1 validated.  Therefore we would expect with this agreement in place that all systems and clients that will use software cryptography (password protection, X.509v3 certificates, software encrypted messaging, SSL, etc.) will need to migrate to the Netscape Products.

13. If someone wants to replace their current system, how do they migrate to Netscape?

Migration to the Netscape technologies is a very straight forward process.  Organizations will find that tools and resources describing and aiding in the specifics are already available in many cases.

 Also, Netscape and our partners stand ready to assist in this migration process if desired.  Netscape can provide support ranging from turnkey systems conversion and installation to technical assistance and oversight coordinated with the specific DoD organizations existing technical staff and contractors.

Contact John Menkart ( at Netscape about engineering services.

14. What does this mean for the government overall?

The US Government has always been oriented to Open Standards.  The adoption of Netscape's standards based technologies by US Department of Defense is consistent with this direction.  We expect that overall the US Government will be similarly inclined to further embrace Internet Standards ensuring interoperability and platform and database independence.  This will result in significant savings to the Government across the board in systems development, lifecycle costs and training.

15. What will the DoD desktop user actually be able to do with the products that are available?

Using the Netscape Client and Servers gives users a single common client that facilitates a number of functions.

16. How can we get Direct Access to Netscape Technical support?

Netscape has provided the DoD with centralized contact with for support for a mimimum number of DoD personnel.   In most cases direct contact with Netscape Technical support from a licensed DoD organization or group will be preferred.  To address this eventuality we are providing the ability for DoD organizations and groups to acquire the rights to one or more Points of Contact within these organizations that are enabled to contact Netscape Technical Support directly.

17. What additional products that complement the products covered under this DoD Client/Server agreement can be procured from Netscape?

Netscape is offering a number of technology upgrades and additional support offerings to organizations and individuals that are involved with use of the Netscape technologies or development of applications and systems utilizing them.

a) Netscape Server Upgrade:  Netscape is offering a bundled upgrade to the current full suite of Netscape Suitespot Server technologies.  The upgrade includes the following;  license to use the additional Netscape servers;  Netscape Calendar Server, Netscape Proxy Server, Netscape Compass Server and, Netscape Fastrack Server .  These additional products add the capabilities of:

This license is based on a per user cost

B) Electronic Commerce and EDI applications Software

Netscape's CommerceXpert family of applications offers full Electronic Commerce and EDI capabilities that will enable Government organizations to move to a paperless environment for contracting, procurement and electronic document interchange over the Internet or a traditional VAN environment.  Based on Internet standards and technology they offer unmatched flexibility and can support the requirements of the largest enterprise.  The CommerceXpert family is composed of primarily three components:

Netscape EcXpert
As the foundation of Netscape's commerce product line, ECXpert delivers EDI for the Internet. With Netscape ECXpert Internet commerce software, companies can communicate and exchange information within and beyond the enterprise.

ECXpert leverages corporate investments by integrating existing ERP and EDI systems across trading companies. Version 1.1 features improved enterprise connectivity through certified integration with Oracle Packaged Applications, mapping templates for SAP transactions, and tools for interfacing with almost any existing system.

EcXpert also extends EDI trading networks to small- and medium-sized companies and partners. It does this by enabling development of browser accessible EDI forms and through support for secure email via Netscape Communicator.  A frequently asked questions (FAQ) provides more information about EcXpert.

Netscape BuyerXpert
Netscape BuyerXpert is an Internet-based purchasing system that allows enterprises to automate the entire procurement process, from employee to supplier. Using BuyerXpert, purchasing professionals can set up electronic collections of approved vendor catalogs so that employees have one central resource for products and services. With BuyerXpert, employees can create, approve, and track orders from their web browsers while the application preserves corporate control. And because BuyerXpert makes use of ECXpert's EDI capabilities to automatically place orders with vendor for approved POs, purchasing executives are able to streamline approval and speed order fulfillment. The end result: improved productivity, reduced order processing costs, shorter cycle times, and greater volume discounts. A frequently asked questions (FAQ) provides more information about BuyerXpert.

Netscape SellerXpert
As a comprehensive and flexible high-performance application for business-to-business selling over the Internet, Netscape SellerXpert allows enterprises to increase revenues and reduce costs through business-oriented order management, better and more timely customer service, andintegration with existing systems. An enterprise's customers can use their web browsers to access SellerXpert via a simple-to-use selling interface, or they can access it via any leading procurement system that conforms to the specifications set by the Consortium for Open Buying on the Internet. SellerXpert includes a state-of-the-art object-based architecture, an interactive product catalog, configurable business rules, customizable interfaces, full online payment services, integration with ECXpert, and a complete reporting system.  A frequently asked questions (FAQ) provides more information about SellerXpert

C) Netscape Application Server - Netscape is the leading provider of application server software for enterprise-class Intranet, Extranet and Internet applications.  The Netscape Application Server Architecture (NAS) provides significant new features and unprecedented functionality for organizations implementing business-critical Internet and extranet applications where high performance, rapid development, scalability, uncompromised availability, and enterprise integration are critical.

Based on it's unmatched scaling and fault resiliency NAS was named Product of the Year for application development by Internet World and selected in Hottest Products of '98 by Data Communications magazine.  A white paper is available that describes the architectures and issues related to deploying enteprise scale applications.  NAS' advanced component-based architecture was built from the "ground up" to provide three major advantages:

D) Netegrity Siteminder (Internet Applications Security Suite) - SiteMinder is the first secure user management system designed to manage the size and scope of e-Commerce Applications. SiteMinder's directory-enabled architecture provides access control, single sign-on, and distributed user management for intranet and extranet  sites.  Netscape is the exclusive channel for this technology to the Federal Government.

E) Oblix CSA Applications - Oblix has pioneered Corporate Services Automation (CSA), a new class of web-based enterprise application software. CSA allows corporations to automate the process of providing all the information and services that employees need to do their jobs, such as a computer, an e-mail account, security privileges, a corporate directory, etc. The Oblix solution addresses the problems faced by IS departments in the midst of rapid corporate change: providing services to a fluid workforce, responding to an endless line of requests, and coping with escalating data management costs.

18. Is there Training Available?

Training on the Netscape Technology is widely available.  Netscape offers training directly via Classroom, On-Site, On-line, Train-the-Trainer and Computer Based Training (CBT).

19. Who can support development of our Netscape Based Applications and Intranet?

Netscape Communications has a full consulting group staffed with experts to bring Internet technology expertise to development projects and do custom solutions development. We also work closely with certified partners lin the federal community to ensure that you can find knowledgeable technical personnel for any size project.

Contact John Menkart ( at Netscape, Richard Reinhardt ( or Vince Steckler at Logicon at DISA for further information about engineering services available via the I-CASE contract.

Netscape Communications Federal Consulting
Ms. JoAnn Marceron

20. How can I coordinate with other users of Netscape Technology in DoD?

There is a Netscape DoD user Group (NDUG).  The user group was formed to address this exact desire.  Users can interact with regard to their use of the Netscape Technology and the contract.  For more information see the NDUG website at

21. How can I get info on changes to the contract and about Netscape products?

There is a newletter from Netscape's DoD group that is distributed about once a month.  This newsletter is specifically focussed on Netscape-DoD Contract related updates and Netscape technology being used and deployed within the US DoD community.

The DoD-Watch Newsletter is done in both HTML and text versions.  To subscribe to 'Netscape DoD-Watch' send yourcontact info (Name, Address, Phone and e-mail address) to  and specify the format you wish to receive (HTML, Text or Both).  You can view the current HTML version of the newsletter at

20. How will this impact the future of DoD's IT purchases and planning?

Use of the Netscape technology allows all client and server hardware and operating systems to support full functions and security of the Intranet applications in a heterogeneous environment.  Adoption of Netscape technology by DoD will ensure that organizations and users can have full access to services in the environment regardless of the type of system they are running (Win3.1, Mac, Windows95, NT 3.51 & 4.0, Unix and NCs).  This allows the government to upgrade systems hardware and OS as the Government's requirements dictate rather than being driven by any one vendors requirements.

Being able to support all types of Server platforms allows the Government to continue to utilize their existing hardware platforms and select new platforms based on processing requirements.  Unix platforms can be utilized where high scalability and robust security is required with NT based systems utilized for workgroup processing and smaller applications.  Management and programming of these servers and applications is exactly the same for all environments minimizing training requirements and allowing deployment across a mixed environment (hardware, operating systems and databases) with no changes to the basic applications.

21. Are groups in DoD now using this technology package?

A number of major organizations in DoD are already deploying applications and Infrastructure based on Netscape Technology.  These include Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), Department of the Army, Department of the Navy,  Defense Logisitics Agency (DLA), Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS), the US Air Force and Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD)

22. Who can I contact at Netscape and DISA for additional information on the DoD Netscape License Agreement?

       John Menkart
       Netscape Government Sales
       301/571-3915 (fax)

       Rick Reinhardt
       Defense Informations Systems Agency (DISA)
       Enterprise License Group
       DSN: 761-2103
       703/ 681-2801 (fax)

       Vince Steckler
        Logicon I-CASE Contract

John Menkart
 Voice: (301) 571-3900 / Fax: (301) 571-3915
Netscape Communications 6905 Rockledge Drive (Ste 820) Bethesda, MD 20817
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