Beta Tau 40th Anniversary Gathering
Labor Day Weekend 1997
Preview Pics!
Special Thanks to Nutley a real Brother for taking these pictures!
They came from Far and wide . . .
Bonehead - a - Bago!
Click on this image to see who's on the Balcony
(Hey there's someone on the Porch!)
Partied Some
Some Asshole's Arm.
A Happy Couple!
The Fossils were there.
Some Had "No Fun"!
Some went to the River.
(Click here to see the Lawbreaker on his way to the River)
It's Good to be Back!
The Doctor gives a Lecture. (But to whom?)
Who's Smokin Now?
Still Hard as a Rock!
(Buddha Convention)
More to come when we get more pics and stories!
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