FBI wants legislative fix on device encryption -FCW

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What are these morons thinking? They could possibly make it illegal for Manufacturers to make phones with strong encryption for sale in the US. That would result in the ability for the Government and Law enforcement to spy on US Citizens leaving them still unable to to see data from foreigners and offshore terrorists. Get a clue! The technology is here. Deal with it!

FBI wants ‘legislative fix’ on device encryption — FCW


Review: The iPhone 5S really is the best iPhone yet - Computerworld

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Review: The iPhone 5S really is the best iPhone yet - Computerworld With cutting-edge architecture, a better camera and a motion coprocessor, the 5S offers a lot of hardware for the money


Homeland Security: Hackers Love Android

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The Department of Homeland Security is warning that Google’s Android OS is a major target for hackers and represents the single largest target for security issues having 79% of the malware for mobile platforms targeting Android. By contrast Apple’s IOS has only 0.7% of the malware focused on trying to exploit that much more secure platform.

Trying to save money by buying an android based phone?  It may cost you big time when you get hacked! Homeland Security: Hackers Love Android| Wall St. Cheat Sheet


Obama WhiteHouse Dinners $5000/Person!

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Dig in Mr. President

Wow, $5000 a plate dinners hosted by the Obama’s on the Taxpayers dime. This is exponentially more than any other President in History. Perhaps this explains the need for tax increases Obama is pitching for.

In any case, clearly Barrack and Michelle are NOT one of us.  Dig in Mr. President the taxpayers are picking up the tab!

Spending on White House dinners soars under Obama | WashingtonExaminer.com


Obamas Failed Wealth Redistribution Goals

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A Recent Letter to the Editor of the Daytona Beach News Journal. (Oct 4th)

Wealth redistribution a failure Barack Obama is the self-proclaimed middle-class advocate and defender.

Yet on Obama’s watch, for the first time since the Franklin Delano Roosevelt presidency: 1) the middle class has shrunk, 2) the median income of the middle class has decreased and 3) the median net worth of middle-class households has gone down.

A rational response to the unintended developments would be re-examination of goals and actions, to determine which needed to be changed. But the arrogant Obama team continues to make income and wealth redistribution its primary goal.

Elimination of income and wealth inequality is Obama’s target despite overwhelming evidence that policies and actions aimed at “wealth and income redistribution” shrink the middle class, its income and its wealth.

If the impacts of Obama’s policies are not enough, then consider the consequences produced by the drive for economic equality in the Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela and every other country where it has been tested. To any objective student of history and of current events, it should be clear that efforts to redistribute wealth and income do not benefit anyone for they invariably produce shared poverty. In the real world, history and current events indicate, wealth and income are not malleable to redistribution while poverty is. I fervently hope that the voters choose a president who is not blinded by the ideology of a community organizer.




Microsoft Unveils Logo For Windows 8

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Windoze 8 logo

Microsoft has unveiled the logo for the next version of Windows. Consistent with prior versions of their Operating System and other products; the software giant has spent more time ruminating about the pointless than the important. I find it fascinating that they would pre-announce the logo along with a stream of drivel seeking to indicate the incredibly thoughtful approach they have taken to arrive at the logo.

Let’s face it. If the company spent this much time and mental effort on the software itself it wouldn’t release the poorly constructed malware it currently calls an operating system.

Microsoft Unveils Logo For Windows 8


Apple unveils Mountain Lion OS X Preview

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Mountain Lion

Apple unveils Mountain Lion Preview: iOS-ification of OS X continues with Messages, AirPlay Mirroring, Notification Center, Game Center, Twitter and more | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence

The Macintosh platform continues to evolve in ways that make it easier to work across multiple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac) and serves as a guidepost for Microsoft to develop versions of Windows deliverable in 202X with similar functionality.


10 Incredible Stats From Apple Q1 Earnings

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Ever wonder why everyone seems to have an iPhone and an iPad?

10 Incredible Stats From Apple’s Q1 Earnings


Why Android updates are a mess: its the business model | ZDNet

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Ever wonder why the most tech saavy of your collegues use an iPhone or chose the iPad over 10 to 1 over the abundance of Android based tablets available today? It’s because despite the fact they are technically capable of getting applications (as opposed to malware) from the Google Market and the fact they are capable of getting the half baked platform to look and mostly act like an Apple device. Even they cannot get new releases and updates to the platform onto these devices in the future. Despite being technically superior they cannot keep their devices up to date so they opt for the best investment an IOS device from Apple.

Why Android updates are a mess: it’s the business model | ZDNet


Dubious about investing in Facebook? You are not alone.

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No Facebook!

Having worked at Netscape in the Internet bubble, I have a natural pessimism when it comes to Internet pure play stock valuations. Just because you could order a product on the Internet doesn’t make the market for that product exponentially larger. It also becomes hard to monetize users that don’t use your service to actually buy things. Look back to AOL to realize that it’s hard to make money providing free services (like AIM) regardless of how many users there are.

Facebook seems to me to be a classic example of ‘Irrational Exuberance’. Duff McDonald at Fortune Magazine also shares my perspective and has a pretty good writeup on his reasons the discussed valuations of Facebook are interesting but probably not realistic.



Obama thinks if you don’t agree with him you must be confused

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Obama now has a new explanation as to why the electorate believes he has taken us down the wrong path. According to Barrack if we disagree with his approach and want to vote his congressional cronies out and can’t wait for 2012 to do the same to him we must be so scared as to be deluded.

Mr. President, I am scared. I am scared that if you aren’t stopped soon no-one will be able to put together the United States of Humpty Dumpty back together again after you break it. You should be scared too because “we are pissed off and we won’t take it anymore.

See you in November you socialist!



5 Reasons why people hate Apple

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A very interesting look at the reasons and arguments of the hardcore Apple Haters! Worth a read. After reading it you can barely contain the laughter as you apply the reasoning in the article to the many comments and categorize them! http://blogs.computerworld.com/16665/apple_haters?page=7


Obama Golfs while the Oceans are spoiled

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Where is Obama on the Gulf Oil Spill. Golfing and fund raising. This administration is without a clue.


iPhone and Flash - a good explaination

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icon Flash on iPhone

Looking for a good high level (non-emotional) explanation of why Apple is keeping Adobe Flash off it’s devices? The story linked below provides an overview and explains why you the user are the benefactor.

Why you don’t want Flash on your iPhone (iPod Touch/iPad)


Global Warming reasonable Doubts

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Despite the fact that many politicians and so called experts insist that Global Warming is a man-made problem and could doom mankind to extinction the science just doesn’t support this nonsense. Businessweek has a great article on the topic. It’s a great read for anyone that thinks they have the facts because clearly no-one really understands the driving forces and the most vocal folks on this issue are the ones that stand to profit from the draconian measures that are being recommended.



Wall Street Journal - Pay Multiple times for the same content

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The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has decided that they want to charge subscribers multiple times for the same information and content. I subscribe to WSJ Online and also used the iPhone mobile app to read the content on my iPhone. Recently I noted that I was unable to read full stories on the iPhone application. Turns out WSJ now has decided that even if you have a print subscription and a subscription to the paper on the web you need to pay yet another fee of $2 per week just to look at the same material on the “Free” iPhone app.

After learning of this I have determined I will not be renewing my online access at all. 1) I have an issue with paying twice for the same thing. If Apple ran iTunes like Dow Jones is charging for WSJ you would have to pay to listen to songs on your computer and pay again when you wanted to take them with you on your iPod. 2) the WSJ mobile app is decidely inferior to other iPhone apps like the New York Times app which is totally free along with the content.

Perhaps in the future WSJ will get a clue and I can revisit my decision.


Festivus Time

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The widely unnoticed Festivus Holiday is approaching. The opportunity to celebrate something without the commerciality of the traditional religious holidays is in keeping with the current economic environment. Learn more about this holiday:


The Pelosi Healthcare Hijacking

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Along strict party lines, the House voted for a Healthcare proposal sponsored by Nancy Pelosi. It’s fairly clear that the Dems voting for this measure aren’t aware of it’s provisions and how it will damage their constituents.

For a summary of just some of the radical and problematic issues with the legistlation read the piece at the Washington Post.

Betsy McCaugheyWhat the Pelosi Health Care Bill Really Says -WSJ.com


Obama Lies - The American College of Surgeons Responds

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Obama is a Liar!

President Obama has always played ‘fast and loose’ with the truth. This propensity to tell folks what they want to hear without regard to the facts or prior positions or statements propelled Obama to the whitehouse. You can sustain this approach only so long before even the most dense individuals begin the catch on and doubt your sincerity and truth. Our president is at the turning point in my opinion. Only the most mentally challenged among the US population is not at least beginning to suspect that the POTUS is lying to move his ill conceived Heathcare Reform Initiative forward at all costs.

The American College of Surgeons has responded to the inane statements that Obama made recently regarding Doctors and their consideration of financial considerations when practicing medicine.

“Yesterday during a town hall meeting, President Obama got his facts completely wrong. He stated that a surgeon gets paid $50,000 for a leg amputation when, in fact, Medicare pays a surgeon between $740 and $1,140 for a leg amputation. This payment also includes the evaluation of the patient on the day of the operation plus patient follow-up care that is provided for 90 days after the operation. Private insurers pay some variation of the Medicare reimbursement for this service.

Three weeks ago, the President suggested that a surgeon’s decision to remove a child’s tonsils is based on the desire to make a lot of money. That remark was ill-informed and dangerous, and we were dismayed by this characterization of the work surgeons do. Surgeons make decisions about recommending operations based on what’s right for the patient.”

Perhaps the fact that constantly in the legal profession consideration of client well being is trumped by potential personal monetary gain has influenced the Lawyer in chief to believe everyone behaves like lawyers.


Obama clueless on Healthcare

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Our President would like to move forward rapidly on “healthcare reform” and he himself presented concrete evidence he doesn’t have a clue about our current system.

In his prime time news conference on Tuesday he insisted that the reason healthcare costs are rising is due to greed of doctors who perform unnecessary tests and procedures. He slandered the medical profession and indicated their decisions are influenced by fees. He said specifically: “And part of what we want to do is to make sure that those decisions are being made by doctors and medical experts based on evidence, based on what works — because that’s not how it’s working right now. That’s not how it’s working right now. Right now doctors a lot of times are forced to make decisions based on the fee payment schedule that’s out there.

So if they’re looking — and you come in and you’ve got a bad sore throat, or your child has a bad sore throat or has repeated sore throats, the doctor may look at the reimbursement system and say to himself, you know what, I make a lot more money if I take this kid’s tonsils out. Now that may be the right thing to do, but I’d rather have that doctor making those decisions just based on whether you really need your kid’s tonsils out or whether it might make more sense just to change — maybe they have allergies, maybe they have something else that would make a difference.”

Mr. President, you have proven you are in fact absolutely clueless!

When you or your child has a sore throat you would go to a pediatrician or general practitioner. They would make a diagnosis based on the facts. As a generalist they would determine whether they thought your condition (sore throat in this example) was potentially due to Allergies or Tonsillitis. If the pediatrician believed it was tonsillitis (which would require some tests Mr. President not just a look at the “fee schedule”) they would then refer your child to a pediatric surgeon. This primary Doctor is a fundamental check and balance in the complex and functional healthcare system in the United States today.

The fact is that you do not actually understand the basic process for healthcare in the US today or even that pediatrician’s don’t perform surgeries. I suggest we take some time here to get up educated on how things work here in the US system and that until you get a basic handle on how things work you stop your ridiculous comments and accusations.


Obama Debt Increase a Simple Example

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It constantly amazes me that otherwise normal people trust in Obama to deliver the country from bad economic times by spending like a drunken sailor. The rate of increase in the national debt under the Obama administration based purely on the administration’s own estimates is incredible. (and we all know that administration estimates are always more favorable than the actual result.) This simple example demonstrates how the current and anticipated spending by the Obama Administration is far and away faster and will be more damaging than any prior administration in history.


Steve Jobs health is his business not the media

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One thing to be thankful for with respect to the media frenzy about Michael Jacksons untimely and suspicious death is that we aren’t hearing a clamor for detailed info on the health of Steve Jobs.

The SEC has never disciplined a company for a failure to disclose health problems. In part, we all buy, sell and trade on someone’s health without knowing their fates. Sergey Brin or Larry Page, Google’s founders, may be fit as fiddles, but they could get run over tomorrow by a Toyota Prius

Apple/Macintosh - Line Crossed in Demands for Details of Jobs’ Health


Blackberry in Business a handicap as opposed to iPhone (Infoworld)

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A thorough analysis of a ‘state of the art’ Blackberry and the iPhone finds the iPhone far and away a better and more productive platform for the business user. Specifically the evaluation indicates “That original comparison said it was time to bury the BlackBerry; the iPhone OS 3.0 simply piles more dirt onto the grave.”

Bury your corporate supplied Blackberry and get efficient and effective with an iPhone. Even at HP the number of iPhone users is growing daily. Although short sighted management might see this as a problem (given HP makes a poor family of Windows Mobile based phones known as the iPAQ) executive management should recognize that I and my iPhone using peers are far more productive and effective than those HP employees who struggle daily to even make calls with their HP corporate devices.

In short, ditch the blackberry and other iPhone wannabe’s and get the real thing.

Deathmatch rematch: BlackBerry versus iPhone 3.0 | Business Center | iPhone Central | Macworld


Pirate Bay - awaiting the verdict

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Bittorrent logo

If you have ever used a BitTorrent client you have probably been to “Pirate Bay”. It is the largest and most up to date site to find shared material in the Internet. Users with BitTorrent that wish to locate video, audio or sofware go to the site and search for what they want or navigate the site to find newly added content. When they locate something they are interested in they download a small file that details what the files are and where they can be found via the BitTorrent client.

The Movie and Music industry brought a legal suit against Pirate Bay in Swedish courts since that is where Pirate Bay is actually located. Whether you know it or not the resolution of this legal question will impact your use of the Internet for file sharing and access for the future. The question is really whether it is legal to provide access to links posted by users that for files that may or may not be copyrighted materials.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Countdown to Pirate Bay verdict


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Roommate Alien Prank Goes Bad
These guys are pretty funny.

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